Property sales

Buying or selling property can be a complicated and overwhelming process. We ensure that we’re able to thoroughly educate our clients prior to investing in properties. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and accurate comparative market analysis is the source of our long standing ability to enable our clients to buy or sell their properties.

With our large client database, we guarantee your property listing will reach a diverse audience of buyers coming from first time buyers to established investors. We have a well designed package of marketing strategies that bring out the best quality of every property we represent and make it sold at its best price,  be it a residential or commercial property.

The key to our success is that we are not working sorely for a buyer or a seller but we do our best for both parties to ensure that the right property is sold at the right price for mutual benefit.


Our Vision

To become the recognized leader in providing integrated real estate services to every client we serve. To be able to identify new value added real estate investment opportunities for our clients with the use of our strong market intelligence.


Villa Care is committed to providing the finest integrated real estate solutions, by building relationships with our clients, employees and business providers in a professional, ethical and transparent manner.

Our Core Values


We deliver on out commitments while maintaining the highest moral and professional standards


We align personal and departmental agendas to achieve overall company success.


We make it our personal responsibility to carry out our mission


We are committed to performance, results, and achievement of our measurable goals.


We provide unparalleled professionalism and exceptional service, continuing as front runners in innovation through technology and best practice.


A hassle-free way to find Land, House, Apartment for rent or to buy within the shortest time, with confidence to get the best property deals in Kenya

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